Allyson Klein

Thumbnail image for Allyson Klein_blue shirt photo.jpgAllyson Klein

Director of Leadership Marketing

Server Platform Group

Intel Corp

Allyson Klein manages the Server Technology and Software Strategy team within Intel’s Server Platform Group. In this role she oversees the marketing for server technologies as well as software priorities for future Intel server platforms. Allyson has been driving server technology marketing for Intel for the past eight years including oversight of Intel’s I/O, memory, virtualization, and data center efficiency initiatives. She also has driven marketing programs for industry groups including the InfiniBand Trade Association, PCI SIG, Itanium Solutions Alliance, The Green Grid, and Climate Savers Computing Initiative. Allyson holds a BA from the University of Oregon in Marketing and Management and an MBA from Portland State University.

About Allyson’s Blog: Chip Chat

Intel® Chip Chat is a recurring podcast series focused on Intel technologies that brings you news, information and interviews from the technologists themselves. Hosted by Intel technology marketing manager Allyson Klein since 2007, each informal interview with a technology expert runs about five minutes and covers topics such as Intel micro-architecture and silicon innovation, virtualization technology, cloud computing, storage innovation, interconnect technologies, mobility and mobile device innovation, data center technologies, eco-technology, and Intel research areas.