Internet TV Applications will Change our Relationship with Television

Consumers talk about their television as many things: an object, a technology, a language, an addiction, an experience and most interestingly, as a relationship. The most striking observation about this relationship is what it is lacking: interaction.

This lack of interactive activity leads many of us to multi-task, or “cheat” with other devices such as laptops and smart phones – while watching TV. In short, the honeymoon phase with TV is over, and people are beginning to fall out of love with the current experience.

At last year’s Intel Developer Forum, a new software TV application framework called Widget Channel was unveiled that blends community and content aspects of the Internet with the simplicity and entertainment strengths of the TV.

TV Widgets, or small Internet applications found right on your TV screen, will enhance traditional television and allow consumers to view their favorite programs while simultaneously accessing Web content, all of which can be seen on one screen and personalized to meet the viewer’s needs.

Here’s a video of Bill Leszinske, GM of Intel’s Digital Home Group, who talks about interactive TV tends and how Intel’s technology plays a key role:

Stay tuned for IDF 2009 in San Francisco on Sept. 22-24 where Intel will show the latest technology for Internet-enabled CE devices and digital TVs.

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