Senior Intel Fellow Talks: Nehalem-EX and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

This week’s Intel Developer Forum (IDF) brought about amazing technology reveals and insights from the girls and boys in blue from Intel. And Intel Senior Fellow Stephen Pawlowski delivered the goods on Intel’s latest mission-critical platform, codenamed Nehalem-EX.

A major point of interest in his session was TCO. Within the next year, as Nehalem-EX makes its debut as Intel’s industry-standard, mission critical server, there will be a lot of talk and benchmarking around energy-efficient performance and reducing TCO. This should peak IT’s interest as they work to remain or build a data center within a reduced power footprint while getting better compute density. And with Virtualization and RAS features built right into the hardware, Nehalem-EX brings advanced reliability and scalability never before seen in an industry-standard server.

Download Stephen Pawlowski’s IDF session (PDF 1.94MB) Nehalem-EX_Steve_Pawlowski_IDF.pdf