Scaled Performance, Maximized Energy Efficiency On-the-Go – Coming Soon!

Social networking and the Internet are driving consumer content creation from niche to mainstream. Whether its blogging about recent travels, editing and posting home videos, uploading photos of the kids, downloading or even composing music, almost everyone engages in some form of content creation.

At the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2009, next week in San Francisco, Intel will highlight new mobile processor technology that can scale from more demanding processing needs – such as video editing, music streaming and gaming – to more simple, less demanding tasks like sending an email.

So what does this mean? More efficient use of processing power. In short, your computer will be able to shift gears and adjust performance and power consumption when needed. So when you’re streaming music while editing photos and posting videos to YouTube, the new Intel processor technology will allow your computer to “fire on all cylinders” and amp up performance to meet the demands of simultaneous multimedia activities, but only when you need it.

Stay tuned for more details at Fall IDF 2009!