Come and Get It! Your Personal Wi-Fi Is Ready To Go.

Intel® My WiFi Technology creates a Wi-Fi hotspot around your laptop that lets you print, share, sync and show wirelessly at home or on the go. This not your normal ad-hoc Wi-Fi. With your Intel® My WiFi Personal Area Network(PAN), you can connect Wi-Fi enabled devices (printers, digital cameras, personal media players, and speakers) directly to the laptop without cables or a wireless access point. And as you wirelessly move your digital content between your laptop and devices, your laptop can simultaneously be connected to the Internet via your home or any Wi-Fi network.

If you have any of these laptops, the Intel® My WiFi Technology software is already pre-loaded on your system or available for downloading from the laptop manufacturer web site. Don’t have one of these laptops? You can still create an Intel® My WiFi Technology hotspot if your laptop includes an Intel® WiFi Link 1000, Intel® WiFi Link 5100 or Intel® Ultimate N WiFi Link 5300 adapters – no additional hardware needed. Intel® My WiFi Technology is included Intel PROSet/Wireless Software v12.4 or higher for Microsoft Windows Vista (Intel® My WiFi will be available for Microsoft Windows 7).

The Intel® My WiFi Technology Getting Started Guide explains everything you need to find out if your laptop/adapter supports Intel® My WiFi Technology, including how to download and install the software from the Intel Download Center, then set up the Intel® My WiFi Utility.

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