Another WiMAX “First” in Amsterdam

The WiMAX Global Forum (WMF) landed in the city of Amsterdam this past week. With last year’s deployment of the first mobile WiMAX network in Europe, Amsterdam became a true WiMAX pioneer.

At this year’s WMF, Amsterdam witnessed another “WiMAX first.” A few hours before the doors to the Forum opened, Dennis Sverdlov, CEO of Yota, a Russian WiMAX wireless Internet service provider, stood outside the main entrance wearing a headset and talking to a laptop. At the other end of the line was Intel’s Sean Maloney who, at that time, was delivering his keynote at Computex.

During their brief conversation, the two talked about the global momentum for 4G WiMAX and Yota’s further deployment strategies. To the average attendee this looked like an interesting, live, transcontinental conversation between two WiMAX adepts. What made this conversation more interesting is the last yards on both ends went via a WiMAX connection. But what makes this a “world’s first” is that Yota’s laptop contained an embedded 3.5GHz WiMAX adapter making this the world’s first public demonstration of future Intel 3.5GHz embedded silicon.

Intel Keynote at Computex

Yota CEO in Amsterdam

While we didn’t make any specific statements on the availability of 3.5GHz embedded solutions, the demo illustrates Intel’s continued technology leadership and commitment to making WiMAX the wireless broadband technology of choice around the world.

Watch the video of Dennis getting set up for his talk with Sean and check out our VP of marketing for EMEA give an “escalator” pitch on WiMAX.