A “Positivo” milestone for Intel-powered classmate PCs!

The city of Pirai, Brazil has announced the purchase of Intel-powered classmate PCs for students enrolled in all 21 of its’ public schools, making it the first city in the world to adopt 1:1 computing for the entire school system. 1:1 computing means each student has full-time access to a computer, the Internet, software and online research materials anytime and anywhere wireless access is available. The Pirai 1:1 computing project will include city-wide network connectivity offered through the Digital Pirai Project.

Education officials were on hand with Intel executives at a briefing Tuesday to discuss how the Positivo Informática-manufactured classmate PCs are an investment for Pirai’s students, as well as how the PCs will spur social and economic transformation within the city. The Intel® Learning Series enables local distributors and technology companies to provide a fully supported education solution that allows for smooth deployment and integration of technology into classrooms, as seen with the deployment of half a million units in Portugal, a program known as the Magellan initiative.

Although the computers will not be delivered until August, some of the students got a sneak peek of the PCs that they will be using at the start of the new school year. Check out the pictures, here!

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  1. Just curious. We were developing some education apps and were looking for a cachement of 13~18yr old students/ institutions who might already have tablets and laptops to use. Does the device have a touch screen? We recently heard of a Mandriva deal of upto 1.5Mill devices. has that come through? Knowing that will make a huge difference to our platform and language/ content. Any information is much appreciated.

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