Top Ten Reasons You Might Have an SSD in Your System

10) You always say yes to new OS and Applications patches without having to think about it

9) You never bother to use hibernate again

8) You don’t hesitate to open a 10MB PPT file to find that one slide and follow with “See I told you so”

7) You forgot what color your Disk Drive indicator light is

6) You have forgotten what the Windows Hourglass looks like

5) You never notice when Virus Scans occur

4) You always say yes to Connected Backup requests while presenting just to show off

3) You dropped your laptop and only the screen broke but you still have all your data

2) You walk around with your laptop open without having to worry about crashing your storage device

1) You drink less coffee because your system boots so fast in the morning

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons You Might Have an SSD in Your System

  1. I have a T43. Um , I am guessing I do not have an SSD. If I did – would it help a tired system like mine? Could the combo of an SSD and more RAM provide some relief to having my system crash at least once a day?

  2. Hi Susanne,
    Unfortunatley, T43 laptops use a PATA interface for their storage media, so no, you cannot use the Intel X25-M SATA SSD. If you migrate to a T61 then you can take advantage of an Intel SSD. Check with your IT representative to see when you would be eligible for a migration. Given the number of crashes you are experiencing you might be able to expedite your migration to a new system.

  3. That was funny, though I think MLC SSD’s still have problems with OSes like Windows Vista.
    Especially Vista which clutters files and directories all around through background defragging; defragging which in many cases is unnecessary.
    There are people who claim SSD’s lose speed over time, as data clutters more and more all across the disk.
    One way you know you’re buying an SSD drive, is when you notice your wallet or bankaccount is empty,after buying only an 80GB SSD drive!
    Another way is that they do not let you pass through airport customs, as your laptop does not show a harddrive on the airport security scan,and protocol says it could be a dangerous device!

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