Intel unveils new badge design

Look for new versions of the famous Intel Inside sticker to begin appearing on laptops and PCs starting today. Intel has done a complete re-design of its product badges as part of a broader effort to simplify its brands, strengthen the connection to the master brand, and highlight the company’s crown jewel: the microprocessor itself.




The new badges provide a clean and consistent link between Intel and the specific product, as seen here with the new Intel Core i7 processor badge. The shape of all the new badges has been modified from vertical to horizontal, with a corner reveal showing a section of silicon die to help communicate the technology inside. So watch for the new badges to start appearing on PC’s, in retail advertisements, online, and elsewhere. To see more of the new badges and learn about some of the latest processors, go here.


9 thoughts on “Intel unveils new badge design

  1. No! Cluttered, overly colorful and improper shading. Where are the simple, effective logos that we all know and love?

  2. I liked the previous logos too, but one thing to consider is that we are also now focusing around a primary client PC brand: Core. So Core takes on a larger presence, with the modifyer (in this case i7) in the background. Always a challenge with so many products and the need to emphaize master brand and product.

  3. yes but Rahul, I’ll bet you LOVE those Ferrari badges on the car, dont you? It says something, conveys something about the car, and gives the owner a sense of pride.

  4. Fred, I was worried about that…..a post that had to be April 1 due to that being the official first day when they would become public. But alas, it is not April Fools. These are the new badges, this is real. What is it that you dont like about them? Interested in your opinion.

  5. Well, honestly the badge itself is ok, perhaps a bit cramped but tolerable — what I don’t like are those R TM TM letters all over it. Soon there will be more of those “protective” letters than the actual text.

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