Widget Making TVs Internet Smart

Today Katherine Boehret of The Wall Street Journal test drove a technology we first saw publicly at the Intel Developer Forum in August 2008 and at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2009.

Along with Katherine’s story “Yahoo Widgets Lend Brains to Boob Tube,” she did a cool video demonstrating her favorite features and service of the Widget Channel.

This is one of the ways Intel technology mixed with ethnographic research is helping bring the Internet to more devices, in this case it’s the Intel CE3100 system on a chip that helps bring the best of the Internet to new digital TVs.

In this video, Bill Leszinske from Intels Digital Home Group thumbs clicks a remote control showing how to bring online photos, news, entertainment and social networks on a big TV using the Widget Channel developed by Intel and Yahoo!

Maybe someday soon we’ll only buy a TV if it place HD beautifully AND surfs the Internet smoothly with a click of a remote control.

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