They Peeked Inside Dan’s Press Sample Cabinet

A few months back I gave you a glimpse “inside my press sample cabinet,” and boy did you respond! From San Francisco to Reykjavik to Rome people had all kinds of ideas how to put samples to use. We received over a hundred inquiries and did the best we could to sample some of the more interesting and far-flung requests. First off, a tech reviewer in Iceland took a look at one of our Core 2 Duo parts, and let’s just say that his “cooling solution” is, ahem, robust shall we say?

Iceland review.jpg

Lots of the tech review sites I work with on a day to day basis sent me some photos of THEIR sample cabinets that were filled thanks in part to me opening mine. It was like seeing a child grown up and on his own in the world, all those CPUs lounging after excruciating work on benchmarks, haha! Nate from Legit Reviews has hardware flowing over in his cabinet:


…and the award to the most organized review area goes to Marco at Hot Hardware:


Who said we techie guys were slobs? Haha!

A PC enthusiast in Rome emailed me a photo of what was in HIS goodie cabinet in addition to his tech gear–pottery shards from antiquity! He uses his high end Intel-based PC to do archaeological research and swap stories with other archaeology buffs all over the world. Oh, and he wanted an SSD from me too.

Roman shards.jpg

Thanks everyone for the great ideas and enthusiasm for Intel products. It always amazes me to see how far these things travel and the creative things people are doing with them.

3 thoughts on “They Peeked Inside Dan’s Press Sample Cabinet

  1. Classic! I mean really, even the classics come out of people’s cabinets. Undeniably I dig the drawer from Rome.
    Of all the shovels and archeological tools out there, a good computer is what will shine light, attention and expand the imagination about antiquities.
    Way to spark some cool sharing from around the world, Dan!

  2. Thx! Dan for making my cooling solution world famous, receiving orders by the dozens now. How to make good on them this summer is giving me a headache.

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