A Peek Inside Dan’s Press Sample Cabinet

As the guy with the “keys to the sample cabinet” for all worldwide Intel press review samples, my email Inbox is pretty jumpin’. I wanted to share a few of my favorite stories and experiences as well as provide a peek at the goodies. I’ll even share a way to pitch me with your best ideas to review one too (if you are in the journalistic world yourself).

Here is a mouth-watering (to the techie) look in the 2nd drawer down from the top of my cabinet, where the X-25M Solid State Drives (SSDs) lurk nestled among friendly CPUs:

Intel sampling blog Dec 08 004.jpg

Being the “press sample guy” means you are wildly popular, and I always thought it was just my looks and charm! The day the HardOCP reviewer told me his iguana ate his CPU I rolled my eyes and told him that was the oldest excuse in the book. When he provided X-Rays I had to change my tune and go back to the cabinet for a replacement (sample, not iguana).

I have to admit, I am always blown away by the professionalism and tech prowess of the hundreds of reviewers we deal with. I started at Intel in engineering, long long ago, and am rusty but have enough gas in the tank to at least understand what these guys are all talking about! The amazing Core i7 is the latest goodie out the door. Charles at Xtremesystems already has his sample at over 5 GHz, and I get a kick out of seeing the overclocker reviewers drool over our 45nm gems.

Sometimes I find an ancient relic in the cabinet, such as this vintage 10 MB Flash memory card. Hey, in its prime it was one of THE hottest items in my sample cabinet! I took the 1MB sticks of RAM to recycling years ago though (rest assured, we have an entire department dedicated to e-waste and recycling):

Intel sampling blog Dec 08 002.jpgSo you think you want to be a tech reviewer and send me to my sample cabinet in search of a goodie for you to analyze? We have a press review program where we have a limited amount of samples for tech reviewers or bloggers who can really get hands-on and give their readers insight. I can’t guarantee a sample, but we are always open to hearing ideas on how to get the amazing performance of our products talked about.

I review every request personally and unfortunately have to decline many due to resources and sample availability. But, I am always on the lookout for someone doing something new and creative–for example a specialty Wall Street firm reviewing PC hardware took a close look at the Core i7 (and those guys need all the CPU help they can get in this market!).

You can submit a review request here, make sure you say “Dan Snyder sent me”. I’ll sign off for now, the sample cabinet beckons (this is starting to sound like a Twilight Zone episode)!

14 thoughts on “A Peek Inside Dan’s Press Sample Cabinet

  1. cool post Dan. Those SSDs look amazing.
    Do you guys work with a lot of new sites? I know you work with a lot of well established ones, but how tough is it for a new guy to get his foot in the door?

  2. Hey Sal! Anyone who is reviewing PC stuff as a blogger, journalist, reviewer etc (no matter how big or small) is welcome to approach me via the link above. Of course I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to help everyone, but I do guarantee I will personally read and respond to each one. Several have already hit me up with some interesting ideas, including a guy in Rome who told me about his “goodie drawer” with ancient Roman coins. Small world!

  3. You meant what you said Dan. Thanks for the processor! I have an interesting project ahead! Keep up the great work!

  4. @Joshua–Awesome, looking forward to the mad mod!
    @Dave–I always know the tech gurus at Hot Hardware do amazing work pushing the goodies from the sample cabinet to the limits!

  5. The iguana story is hilarious. Don’t suppose a few laxatives would solve that issue.
    Good to see Charles getting a shoutout. He’s been getting a ton of support from Intel lately and his gem chips really show where Intel’s Nehalem architecture could go with a few tweaks. Now we just need a new revision to bump up the overclocking headroom like B3->G0 for Kentsfield or C0->E0 with Wolfdale. Hope Q1 09 yields some gems for the normal guys ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. My Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop HDD just died and I’d like to replace it with a 2.5″ Intel X-25M SSD. However, my laptop had a 2.5″ ATA-6 or ATA-100 HDD. Will Intel’s SATA SSD’s be compatible?
    I tried reading Intel’s marketing collateral which suggested looking at whether there is a SATA driver installed. Problem – my hard-drive died and I can’t turn the PC on. Any ideas on how to determine if the X-25 is compatible or not?

  7. Hello HSH, upon first glance I think the Intel X-25M SSD would not work in this case as the SSD supports SATA only and your Dell is an older ATA system. But, as with any personal upgrade of an OEM system, check with the OEM as to upgrade possibilities, often times OEMs may have upgrade options or custom builds. I also think a self-done upgrade may null and void any warranty or support, but check with Dell.

  8. i think i have been i reseller since their 5or6 chip manufacturers
    and want to control everything now with the economy the way it is
    i think that intel amd and samsung should share manufacturing costs
    to keep these companies aflot.
    as in canada nortel was the biggest in telecomm,they too thought
    they where untouchable
    intel here today gone tommorrow
    it pro for 25years
    installing intel products

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