News Watch: 08 In Review

Following the Core i7 (Nehalem) launch yesterday, here are two places for those looking for the top Intel news announcements and achievements this year. The first is Pat Gelsinger’s blog from a couple of weeks ago around what Intel’s Hafnium-based, reinvented transistor and 45 nanometer manufacturing prowess has helped the company achieve.

The second is this 3-page fact sheet just posted on the Intel press room that captures most (but not all) of our 08 highlights. To keep things to just 3 pages, we had to omit a lot of news from a company that sells more than 200 products and has 100s of R&D, software, Intel capital investment and other projects and activities underway.

This meant that even some bigger news like the DreamWorks 3-D movie-making revolution and switch to Intel processors and CERN’s announcement on the Hadron Collider and how our Xeon processors helped, among others, got cut.

What did we miss (minus, oh, the economic upheaval from the last few weeks)?

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