News Watch: WiMAX in Baltimore; Early Reviews

Wednesday is the day…Sprint-Nextel and its XOHM unit, Intel and several partners will be in Baltimore to officially unveil the U.S.’s first 4G network based on WiMAX. Creating and deploying a tailor-made network for broadband wireless Internet access, speedy Intel-based laptops and voice has been an almost six year goal of Intel, and key to our company’s ongoing push to a more ‘mobile’ Internet.

Much of our focus has been on creating the processors, accompanying chipset products, network and entirely new devices such as MIDs and net-books to achieve this vision. Using our reinvented transistors and unique manufacturing capabilities, we’re able to build tinier chips that increase performance for things like video, music downloads and all those social networking sites and tools. And we do this in a way that extends battery life, reduces electricity costs and creates stunningly skinny and light computers with uninhibited Internet access in all kinds of sexy shapes and sizes.

But enough about Intel. Sprint turned on Baltimore’s network on September 29th. What have some media had to say about the network, which is literally in its infancy stage as Sprint goes neighborhood by neighborhood to unwire, test and expand reach throughout the city?

Here’s some snippets on some initial products selling out at stores, along with some great, good and mixed signal speed testing. And, how it feels not to be tethered to a wire, and/or 1000 square foot wireless hotspot or slow cell phone Internet connection. Especially when trying to upload those instant photos and videos. Want to see a video on WiMAX, go here.

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