Nehalem-based Core i7 processors coming in November (17th)


Many people had asked when the first Nehalem-based processors were going to be available. For those who have been watching, Intel confirmed today that the initial processors based on this new architecture began shipping to customers in Q3, and we will officially launch the new (Core i7) products this month (update–the day is November 17).

So get ready, the industry’s first dynamically scalable architecture with new levels of performance and energy efficiency is coming soon.

For more on this innovative new microarchitecture, see here. For more on the launch, including when systems will be available, stay tuned to Technology@Intel.Resize of NHLCore.jpg

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  1. OOO yay. Can’t wait to get one. Debating it though as I’m ready for an upgrade but don’t think I can pay more than 1500 when the processor and mobo alone will cost about 600 themselves, at least. Heard it is the biggest architectural change since the P4. Hope to jebus it lives up to the hype. Was gonna get the q9550. Hope this is better than that. From various places on the net its supposed to be widely available Nov.17.

  2. John Q, always a difficult decision whether to wait or buy now, but you are correctly hearing what many are saying–that this is a significant architectural change. These chips are going to have massive memory bandwidth, enhanced Hyper-Threading, and a very cool feature called Turbo Boost that essentially scales performance higher or lower based on what the system is doing. So great performance AND energy efficient. The QX9550 is a fast chip and you cant go wrong there, but this is native quad-core and our first dynamically scalable microarchitecture.

  3. This is PERFECT – I plan on building a computer come November/December with a Core i7 920. I am running a six year old Northwood P4 right now, so it should be quite the upgrade for me.

  4. Bill, I’m looking to pick up a desktop system in November with both a Core i7 and an Intel x25 SSD. Does Intel have design wins w/ major OEMs that’d include both the Core i7 and the X25 in a desktop/workstation form factor?

  5. Ive heard from a few places around the net this may not show any performance benefit for major gamers, im still waiting till decempber to build my new computer but id like to hear from the inside, how do you think this will compare in gaming? the ddr3 speed limitation may or may not make a big difference….

  6. I’m getting ready for the Christmas drop in prices to build my new computer rig. Was going to go with the x48 with ddr3 and a quad core…but now with the release of the nehalem architecture should I wait? or will the prices be way too drastic to even consider?

  7. Is Core i7 going to be released in November and be widely available for the average consumer to buy in November as well or is it going to be available in January or February for the average person?

  8. kris,
    What you may be hearing is how the biggest boost is expected to come when running more advanced, and multi-threaded games. Depending on screen size and level of threading in the game, some titles may be bottlenecked by your graphics processor, so you you might not see huge gains. But to get the best performance for advanced games like Far Cry 2 and Lost Colonies, trust me you will want the Core i7.

  9. Wow, I was just going to build a PC with December with the Q9950. I’m kind of tempted to get the i7 extreme instead.
    I wanted to go all out on this one because the last time I build a PC was in ’02. I’m way over due for a new PC.
    Bill, do you happen to know what the suggested retail prices will be?

  10. I think a lot of us would like to know whether individual i7 CPUs will be available in November for purchase by consumers who want to build their own PCs.

  11. Hey all…its all very well the CPU’s being released in Nov, but by when do you expect there will be motherboards ready for them? Hopefully by January when I am upgrading!! ? 🙂

  12. I almost bought a new computer yesturday (q9550, 4gb 667mhz memory, etc) but decided to think about it. Now ive been reading all about this new Nehalem processor. But im not sure if I should wait because im sure if I have the need for it…
    i use my computer for work (forex trading) and run programs that use java…usually 2-4 at a time. plus i always have various other programs running (msn, outlook, 3-4 internet browers, data feed program for my charts, etc). I rarely use the computer for gaming. Will someone like me see the benefits of this new technology? and how much more than the q9550 will it be? if not that much more, i might as wel wait and get the newest and best. but if its like twice the price, is it worth the extra money and wait?

  13. Hey everybody, there are a bunch of Core i7 reviews coming out today. Check your favorite review site, but TG Daily, Extreme Tech, CNET, and more all have reviews. It’s looking pretty good and some of you who have been waiting and watching, these may help you decide.

  14. hi i wanted to know if it will be possible to have 2 i7 cpu in one motherboard ( 8 core ). as i do 3d animation and composting so as many cores as i can get in one pc the better it goes for me.
    or will they only make a motherboard that will fit only the i7 extreme because i was thinking if i could add 2x 920? thank you

  15. Initial launch of Core i7 systems will be on single socket desktop motherboards. But watch this space, two sockets (for DP Servers and workstations) are coming in the near future. A two socket Nehalem-based workstation for 3D animation? Now that would be nice….I want one too.

  16. Heres another one, which brand of vid card do you think would be the best bet in these new mobo/cpus from intel? the new radeon cards have better hardware and get better with every new driver, but nvidia beats them single gpu to gpu. i guess what im asking is which do you think will work ‘together’ to take advantage of one another the best…

  17. Have heard the Nehalem Core i7 launch is to be delayed by Intel,well beyond 17th Nov, because of the IT downturn, so we will not beind seeing them for a while yet!!! So Sad.. and will also delay launch 32nm Nehalem and so on. No core i7 X-mas presents..

  18. Is it true that Intel plans on delaying the launch of the new Nehalem-based processors (Core i7) and the 32nm Nehalem-based processors , because of the downturn in the economy, this means no x-mas presents for us and could mean late next x-mas 2009

  19. Tony, no change to launch. Core i7 systems in the market this month. These chips are going to offer awesome performance on demand and are manufactured using our latest 45nm High-K Metal Gate transistor technology. We wont even be in production on 32nm until next year. Future iterations of this design, when we move it to 32nm, are code named Westmere.

  20. I am looking to build a Quad core system soon, and am currently looking to get a Core 2 Quad Q6600. When the new Core i7 is launched will there be a price drop in the Core 2 Quad cpu line? Also, will there be a Core i7 that will debut anywhere near $200 retail??

  21. I set asside $3,500 for rocking new i7 system months ago in anticipation of this release. I initially planned to postpone my purchase until some newer video cards and x58s hit store shelves, but now I think I may just build my new system asap.
    My upgrage will be profound. I will be vaulting from a [3Gz Pentium 4] to a [Core i7 965 Extreme]… So I figure why not pump my cash into the industry immediately and get my new system now.
    The way I see it, if the i7 sees great success at launch, then that will also stimulate all the peripherial dudes: the board guys, the video guys, the cooler makers, the ram makers, etc. And God knows they could probably use it, given the beating they’ve taken the last two quarters.

  22. got a question bill, i can remember the pentium d 840 had both dual core and hyper threading tecnologies on it, and i know its imposible to compare the two since the dual core on the pentium d was based on the netburst microarchitecture which is nothing like nehalem, but can you tell us about the use of both hyperthreading and the multi-core platform of nehalem?

  23. hi there i heard that they will release new xeons 5500 do you know when they will come out??
    thank you so much once agen!

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