Intel Insider Somewhat Frank Goes to Baltimore

Last week I was invited to be on a panel at InterAct 2008 in Washington DC. There are lots of great social media pioneers in DC — some at the event included:

NewMediaJim on Twitter

Somewhat Frank from AOL and also an Intel Insider

Rohit Bhargava from Ogilvy (part of our PR agency)

Jesse Thomas of Jess3

Nick O’Neill of The Social Times

Debbie Weil, author the the must-have Corporate Blogging Book

InterAct2008 was one of DC’s first two-day gatherings for social computing enthusiasts and companies. It has some solid momentum, and I hope to see an even bigger event for DCers next year.

After the closing “Growing Your Business Through Social Media” panel, I asked Frank Gruber to share his take, tips and look ahead to test driving WiMAX this week in Baltimore.

As an Intel Insider, Frank grabbed our WiMAX event invite and is getting himself to the event, where my Intel pals are setting him up to test drive a Lenovo laptop tricked out with Intel’s Centrino 2 technology and built-in WiMAX.

Frank is prolific at shooting photos and videos then often sharing his media online, on-the-scene, allowing him to get his work done before he gets home. Having even higher speed wireless Internet connection than he’s used to just might help him be even more prolific…and get home earlier!

Frank will join others gathering around the Baltimore’s Bond Street Wharf Park to see WiMAX in action and hear from:

Dan Hesse, Chief Executive Officer, Sprint Nextel

WiMAX pioneer Barry West, Chief Technology Officer & President, XOHM Sprint Nextel

* Sean Maloney, Executive Vice President, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Intel Corporation.

2 thoughts on “Intel Insider Somewhat Frank Goes to Baltimore

  1. I just caught some “on-the-scene” streamed videos from Somewhat Frank on the streets of Baltimore, where’s he’s WiMAxin’ with a gathering of Intel pals, Sprint and Xohm wireless gurus.
    And this video of a taxi ride and a house tour by Andy Carvin checking out WiMAX . His blog is here
    Here’s a Google Blogsearch link for the event

  2. Hi Intel
    I believe you are missing out on a Wimax opportunity in the UK and EU?
    This message is for Intel, I know the Atom netbook has taken you all by surprise but are you aware you are helping Wimax rivals 3g services take off until these smaller computers came along there was very little interest in mobile broadband, now though it seems to be taking off, most off them are now giving away these laptops free is customers sign up to a contract with them, the point I am making is Intel did not expect this to happen and is missing a golden opportunity to build a Wimax user base using these devices.
    The Atom netbook devices are now being sold like mobile phone but Wimax is missing the ride.

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