Dream a Little Dream PC

Ever thought that if you could just have some say in what your PC looked like, how it worked, or what it DIDN’T do (like no blue screens, more USB outlets, etc), you’d have the perfect PC? Have you ever thought about designing a PC yourself? Well, now you can at a new site called www.WePC.com that Intel and Asus launched today. At WePC.com, people can propose ideas and designs for netbooks, notebooks and gaming notebooks.

What I really like about this site is that it makes use of the power of community and people coming together with their ideas and talents to explore together what the ideal PC would be. It kind of reminds me of what Dell has done with their popular Idea Storm site, where consumers can help influence product design and development. WePC.com provides the capability to collaborate and comment on each other’s designs and ideas and discuss those ideas with other members of the community. You can share your designs through the book-marking, Facebook or other social accounts you normally use and encourage friends, family and other members of the community to vote on your submission, too.

Already there have been some great posts with people submitting photos and using graffiti to show off what their dream PC would look like, including a design for a waterproof laptop. Given how many times I’ve spilled coffee and water on my laptop, this would certainly be ideal for me. I also live in one of the rainiest cities in the U.S., so I LOVE anything waterproof!

If you’re not into designing, you can also just post your ideas. I’ve seen ideas posted around incorporation of touch screens, use of GPUs, and an internal wireless USB hub adapter.

Asus and Intel will use the feedback and the creativity from the WePC.com community to influence the design for an actual PC built by Asus with Intel inside.

So, put your creative thinking caps on, go to WePC.com and join the budding group of PC designers!


4 thoughts on “Dream a Little Dream PC

  1. Great idea. What this evokes is freedom, and I think the next best thing is to ship this dream PC – whatever the final design is, with a Linux or BSD desktop operating system.
    It will be a great way to promote freedom in PC design, and freedom on software.

  2. Just another way to save cost on engeneering personnel..
    Ow,and don’t think a person with a good idea gets rewarded!
    Their only reward is a ‘thank you, hope you will give us another good idea’.
    In the past 4 years,I’ve put a lot of ideas on the internet like ideas leading to the Atom processor, to AMD’s 2xAA that increases in quality (4AA) when the framerate is above 30fps, and many others…
    Never had I any compensation for that!
    The only thing you get, is that your next notebook won’t cost you $500 but $550, because they need extra money for the idea you gave them…

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