California Uber Alles — State Picked as CeBIT 2009 Partner

A famous punk anthem jostled through my mind today after seeing California Governor Arnold Schwarzeneger at Intel headquarters celebrating California as the first state ever to be named “official partner” of the enormous and enormously successful tech trade show CeBIT, held every year in Hannover, Germany.

Intel’s been at CeBIT showcasing cutting edge Information and Communication Technologies at CeBIT for many years.


That and the fact that Intel has been a technology innovator for more than 40 years…well I guess it made sense to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s team that the CeBIT announcement ought to be celebrated inside Intel headquarters.

SiliconValleyWatcher and Intel Insider Tom Foremski was nestled in the front row ahead of a swath of media filling Intel’s Executive Briefing Center. Tom reported:

It is the first time that Europe’s largest business-to-business technology fair has chosen a state rather than a country as a partner

Governor Schwarzenegger said that CeBIT could help generate new revenues for California’s high tech companies.

Tom also provided some context:

In 2008, France was CeBIT’s partner and Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president took part in opening ceremonies — BTW California’s economy is larger than that of France.

Last year Vladimir Putin, then president of Russia, Cebit’s partner, took part in the trade fair. CeBIT hopes that California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will take part in its opening ceremonies during the first week of March 2009.

I squeezed my way thought the crowded room filled with cameras of every size, and added my Sony HDV camera to the line up.

Our savvy Intel Brandmother Deborah Conrad welcomed the audience and shared how proud she was as a Californian, and how cool it was that Intel Chairman Craig Barrett will participate at the CeBIT opening ceremony in Hanover in March 2009. She was joined at the governor’s podium by:

Art Paredes, President & CEO, Hannover Fairs USA

Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer, President, BITKOM

Mr. Ernst Raue, Member of the Board of Deutsche Messe responsible for CeBIT events worldwide

Mr. Walter Hirche, Minister for Economics and Deputy Prime Minister of Lower Saxony (Germany)

Governor Schwarzenegger waxed about the days when he was a young bodybuilder, and how he’d like to be in Hanover, but couldn’t book his travel just yet because life in California is too unpredictable. He did point out one thing for sure: the world will get to learn what California has to offer, especially with the state’s inventiveness and strong moves towards embracing “green” initiatives.

At CeBIT 2008 there was the first “Green IT” forum for international Information and Communication Technology industry thanks to help from a group Intel and many other tech innovators are involved with called Climate Savers Computer Initiative. A September survey conducted by CeBIT showed that 90-percent of nearly 9,000 respondents indicated that they consider environmental and climate protection when making technology investments. So green IT will continue to be a topic in 2009 CeBIT in Hanover, and California businesses will get the chance to show their leadership. Keep in mind that in 2008, CeBIT attracted nearly half a million people from 77 countries. Wow!

In press materials, CeBIT event organizers said, “The topics currently driving the companies and research institutes here are the topics which will be driving the entire world over the next few years.”

Today’s Worldwide Web society is estimated to be about 1.5 billion people online, so CeBIT is creating “Webciety Area” next to the Partner State California pavilion in 2009. The Webciety will spotlight ideas and innovations blending social with technological, transforming the way we live and work together.

So if you’re a California-based technology innovator, learn more at the CeBIT-California site and look for travel and lodging discounts at Travel2Fairs.

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  1. mary ragland says:

    Wow, Intel Brand Maven Deborah Conrad and our own Governator, Arnie Schwarzenegger. Not to mention, heads of states. Nice recap Ken. You do get around!!