BenQ MID Out of the Box, Into Internet Action Italian Style

BenQ’s MID S6 with Intel Atom processor is now available in Italy, and last week many of my friends were asking: Have you seen it?

Intel Atom-Powered BenQ MID on the Italian TIM Network

Well, yes and no.

I’ve seen the BenQ before, but not the whole Italian package. I did get to see some of the promotional materials working their way to Internet savvy Italians. Hope they make it to my family and friends in Calabria!

The next best thing to actually having one is finding a friend who has one. And if you don’t have that, then it gets down to this: a video of someone who just got one.

It’s something, watching a new product box ripped open and the device turn it on for the first time.

5 thoughts on “BenQ MID Out of the Box, Into Internet Action Italian Style

  1. hi from france,
    we are searching infos about Benq S6, we think it’s an oem of aigo mid p8860.
    is it possible to send usa copy of the original CD to check the recovery img please ?

  2. thanks you.
    perhaps someone have infos concerning the closed touchscreen driver ?
    Can we hope to find it one day ?

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