Tiny Mobile Internet Devices Hitting the Bigtime

When in Rome, do as the Romans do…with MIDs!

Imagine strolling through the Colosseum wirelessly connected to the Internet and sharing the experience with the world using the video camera on you mobile Internet device!

BenQ booted up its Intel Atom-based MID this week in Italy thanks to the TIM network, and Engadget wrote “Let’s get these out to other nooks and crannies of the wide world, eh BenQ?”

Here’s a look at the Alice Mobile MID S6 (a.k.a Aries2), from Slashgear.



We got to see lots of cool new mobile Internet devices at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco in August, where I got to spend time with UMPCPortal.com‘s Steve Paine. He gives his take on the BenQ in Italy release.

We’re starting to see more Intel Atom-powered devices like the BenQ to hit the mainstream due to hard work by device makers, Internet service providers and the development community. And it’ll take the buzz from enthusiasts spreading their desire to have one for their social and family networking — here’s “Chick digs MIDs” video roundtable chat with Intel Insiders, employees and Steve Paine I shot at IDF in San Francisco for Intel Atom Software Community guru Jeff Moriarty.

As the August IDF was caming to a close, I grabbed my video camera and asked Steve and Jeff what’s ahead for Intel Atom-powered MIDs and some of the Netbooks they as at the event.

In addition for keeping my eye out for the new Clarion release in the U.S., there are some upcoming events I’m watching, hoping to stay in sync with rise and spread of MIDs:

The head of Intel’s Ultra Mobility Group, Anand Chandrasekher is keynoting at Ceatac next Tuesday, September 30.

Intel Developer Forum in Tiapei October 20-21, where Anand and his team will share the latest insights on Intel Atom with developers.