Talkin’ Mobile Internet Devices, Netbooks, WiMAX at IDF

For me, the Intel Developer Forum is a place to witness real progress, talk with tech demo lab gurus and test drive new devices and services before many of them hit the market.

I learn a lot about the engineering wonders being built into the latest chips — turbo mode for the new Nehalem-designed chips — but getting my hands on things like new laptops, mobile Internet Devices and netbooks helps me set my sights on how new technologies can help me experience my interest (photos, video making, collecting information, travel) in new ways.


I got to spend time with the super nice and wise Steve “Chippy” Paine from, who keenly tested and collecting information of just about every MID and Netbook at IDF.


Here, Steve talks with Ubergizmo’s Hubert Nyugen, who joined us for our Tweet Up at the W Hotel the night before IDF opened.

From the first time I saw an MID, I thought they’d be a great on-the-go capture and share tool for social media lovers. But when I see Netbooks, I think the bigger screen and keyboard might be better suited for me.


Intel mobility software community gonzo Jeff Moriarty has some interesting MID @ IDF stories, including an upcoming “Dig It” video with a group of people talking about what MID or netbook fits best with their style and needs.


Meantime, here is a collection of IDF tech demo experts talking about some of the latest in wireless Internet and mobility tech trends at IDF.

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