Big Stuff from the Big Stage……..

So……I’ve got some big news today in the world of demos (and things demo related). We did a live piece of video at Intel Headquarters today for a sneak announcement from our friends over at And your favorite demo guy has all the goodies for a new hot web and content tool that internet users can really get their heads into.


Big Stage allows users to create their online “@ctor”, a digital avatar of themselves from just a few clicks of a regular digital camera. Now, this is something we’ve seen for a while now, but BigStage takes it to the next step. With the tools from BigStage, you can alter and manipulate costumes and expressions to give life to your creation, and put that “actor” directly into internet content.

That’s right. Ever wanted to see yourself in the Mona Lisa? I’ve done it. Play a cameo on your favorite TV sitcom? Been there. Digitizing yourself over Michael Phelps, so it looks like you hitting the wall for your 8th Olympic gold, and then send to all of your Facebook contacts? Priceless.

Check out Johnathan Streitzel from Big Stage talk to us about today’s big announcement.

There you go. An internet application with nearly limitless possibilities, something that always makes a demo guy drool (……don’t say I never did anything for ya). And today, it available to the non-nerd, non-geek internet viewing public. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free? It is. So load it up now, and show the MySpacers and Facebookers out there something that will really make their jaws drop. Social networkers UNITE!!!!

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