Next Gen Infotainment at IDF

Many of you are undoubtedly aware of the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), which is taking place this week in San Francisco. Embedded technologies are taking center stage this IDF, and In-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems are a part of this show. Of note, we are not just showing the latest infotainment system capabilities, we are also giving an IVI system away as part of the Ultimate Geek Challenge at IDF. In addition to receiving the Ultimate Geek crown , the winner of the challenge will win a Smart Passion Coupe car outfitted with Azentek’s IVI system!

I think the winner will be thrilled with the IVI system in the Smart car. Azentek’s Atlas CPC-1000 product based on Intel architecture includes music, radio (integrated AM/FM tuner, HD and satellite radio ready), e-mail, navigation, hands-free cell phone use and Web browsing, all of which can be controlled through a safe and easy-to-use touch-screen user interface. Come see the Smart car on display on the 3rd floor, just outside the Keynote Hall.

The Smart car isn’t the only cool project we’ll have on-site. We also worked with Wind River Systems, with the support of BMW, to bring the latest technology into a proof-of-concept IVI system based on the Intel Atom processor and Wind River Linux Platform for Infotainment, which is actually a Moblin-based Automotive Linux stack. The BMW demonstration car showcases 3D navigation, location awareness and rear-seat video streaming. It is a great example of how the automotive industry can take advantage of commercial-off-the-shelf technology brought together by the eco-system, and tap into a bigger pool of applications and services capabilities. Come to the Embedded pavilion at IDF (#2310) and check it out! You can also see it in Pat Gelsinger’s keynote presentation. It is pretty amazing what your next-generation IVI system can do.