Mass Animation Misunderstanding

Note: I am posting this for John Cooney, Intel’s Program Manager for Mass Animation

Earlier this month, Intel announced the Mass Animation project at SIGGRAPH. The project will enable animators around the world to collaborate via Facebook on a 5-minute, professional-quality animated short film.

Intel Mass Animation Collaboration

Recently, Cartoon Brew, an animation blog site and WIRED’s blog, noted that the official Mass Animation press announcement didn’t indicate animators would be compensated for their contributions to the Mass Animation project. Intel and the Mass Animation team agree that artists should be compensated for their creative role in this project. That has always been our plan.

Animators whose work is included in the final film will receive compensation and a portion of the film’s potential earnings. In addition, they will receive credit in the film and an opportunity to be part of a feature-length version, should it come about.

As Yair Landau, the director of the film, highlights in his comments on Cartoon Brew, Mass Animation is about democratization of the tools of animation and empowerment of the individual animator.

Mass Animation is going to be a very exciting opportunity to be part of a large community of creative people all working together toward a common goal. I am really looking forward to what we can produce together.

As further project details become solidified, we’ll be posting updates to the Facebook page and the Mass Animation site. This is the first of what we hope will be many collaborative projects, and we welcome everyone’s ideas and feedback.