WiMAX momentum continues with deployments & investments

First, let me take a moment to comment on my post earlier this week in response to an article written about WiMAX’s momentum. We are all professionals, but occasionally, the passion for our various positions does spill over. I was sparked by the positioning of WiMAX as a niche technology by a Gartner report cited in the article, and what I perceived as an effort to characterize it as such broadly. My words were harsh and for that I do apologize to Gartner. My point, better said after the passage of time is that WiMAX is gaining significant momentum and already has a substantial planned footprint in developing and developed economies and is destined, from my view, for delivery of next generation 4G networking capability for computing and communications.

Again, my point is that anywhere you turn these days you can find good news of WiMAX milestones; new deployments by progressive service providers, new applications, and new investments.

One thing many of us in the WiMAX community can agree on is that WiMAX momentum continues to build throughout our industry – we are all pulling toward the same reality where 4G mobile broadband is real. The IEEE device ecosystem is getting ready. Internet Service Providers are getting ready and many service providers are getting ready. I track news articles on the industry, and recently, the number of WiMAX success stories and milestones are quite amazing. Check out these interesting clips from this week: 4G, New Deployments, Applications, Investments and Innovative Devices.

As a result of this momentum, and with networks and laptops with embedded WiMAX starting to roll out in the U.S. later this year, it is our belief that now is the time that users should start investigating and thinking about WiMAX in anticipation of rapid network and product ramps.

2 thoughts on “WiMAX momentum continues with deployments & investments

  1. Hello Gregory,
    That’s right about investments – just here in Russia it’s billion dollars – Virgin Connect with Richard Branson. And I’m working on a user’s device for this future Mobile Internet.

  2. Mr. Ofili,
    I wish you and the other big players would come out and defend WiMax more vigurously against the nay sayers. I for one appreciate you lashing back at those that want to constrict the moving forward to 4G.
    Larry B

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