Wi-Fi Gets Personal with Intel’s Cliffside Technology

Wi-Fi has given us the freedom to connect to other computers and the Internet without wires. Wi-Fi is now spreading its wings into the world of consumer electronic (CE) devices. Everything from MP3 players and digital cameras to printers and projectors are jumping on the Wi-Fi bandwagon. And there’s much more to come.

Intel’s Cliffside project will take wireless freedom one giant step further with Wi-Fi PAN (Personal Area Network) technology that will transform an Intel® Centrino® 2 notebook with an Intel® WiFi Link 5000 Series adapter into your own personal wireless network for seamlessly connecting and managing these CE devices.

What makes Intel’s Wi-Fi PAN technology a breakthrough is an innovative wireless architecture that allows a single Wi-Fi radio to function simultaneously as both a standard WiFi LAN client as well as the “access point” for a Wi-Fi PAN. Unlike Bluetooth PAN technology, Wi-Fi PAN connections are fast enough for big stuff like digital media content, and long-range enough to use all over the house or office. And the great thing is that the 100’s of millions of Wi-Fi devices already available today can connect to Intel’s Wi-Fi PAN.

Bypassing the need for a network access point for your CE devices opens up a world of cable-free simplicity, convenience, and freedom. Point-and-click connections link you to any Wi-Fi enabled device, independent from your Internet connection, allowing content to move freely, securely and instantly among the islands of digital media on your devices and media cards. Having your own personal Wi-Fi network also enables all kinds of new on-the-go possibilities. Quick one-on-one impromptu connections when no network is available are easy for sharing files between notebooks, printing to a Wi-Fi enabled printer, or presenting on a Wi-Fi enabled projector in a conference room.