What’s the Laptop Frequency, Kenneth?

All laptops were tuned to Intel Centrino 2 inside the Mezzanine in San Francisco on Monday. Good thing for me because I’m hunting for a new notebook, something small and powerful for editing HD video and photos on the go.

Most of us are eager to get the best bang for our buck, so when new technology comes out we’re forced to redo our homework. That’s how I felt at the launch event — see photos. There are so many sweet, new laptops to choose from with more on the way.

So far topping my list is the nifty Sony V series, but I’m digging around for at least another week. Please help me with my homework and share what’s topping your list. I saw lots of people on Twitter sharing their favorite Centrino 2 laptop picks already. Even Engadget has some rapid fire snapshots of many of the fresh notebooks, most of them in black or dark gray finish…just what I like!

At the launch event, I talked to some of my Intel pals showing new laptops to the crowd. There was this Centrino 2 Extreme electro-terrific, flashing red Toshiba Qosmio for performance freaks.

I ran into Jon “Wireless Traffic” Marshall, who was setting the Wi-Fi airwaves in order. I remember San Francisco was named the most Unwired City a few years ago, but on Monday night the Wi-Fi traffic cop only found one rogue access point! Here’s how he found it:

I also got to catch up with Intel Insiders Tom Foremski and Sara Meyers, who were on the scene. Sara got into the Intel WiMAX car and Tom sat close to the Centrino 2 vPro section, where he captured video highlights from the technology presentation.

Intel Centrino 2 vPro technology — almost like having an IT pro under the hood able to remotely fix, send updates or reboot your laptop remotely — prompted a great question from the audience: Will vPro ever be available in consumer laptops? The answer was a question: wouldn’t it be great? Heck, I’d like a laptop that can phone home!

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There will be lots to soak up in the coming days and weeks. This is a good place to see photos and learn more about Centrino 2. Meantime, I’m looking around and asking for tips from my tech savvy friends.