The argument for LTE reeks of desperation

The most recent attempt at ‘drive by kneecapping’ is from Gartner.

The ‘analysis’ by Phil Redman of Gartner, is so thoroughly devoid of reality, it leaves me uncertain where to begin to debunk it.

Since Gartner’s entire argument hinges on the belief that only the LTE fairy can conjure up dual mode handsets, then I suggest an intrepid team of investigators from Gartner should be dispatched to Asia, post haste, in order to confirm the existence of numerous WiMAX dual mode handsets.

I have 15 years in the Telecommunications industry, and I would expect better research from a fresh faced kid out of College. Such ‘analysis’ from Gartner should be supplied with a warning: ‘Not intended to inform strategic business decisions’. The LTE gang must really fear WiMAX. Otherwise, why all the attention and erroneous analyses?

1 thought on “The argument for LTE reeks of desperation

  1. I agree completely. There seems to be a bias in many of these analyst reports or at the very least an attempt to sensationalize topics to sell more reports.

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