Life’s Moving Faster, So Make the Future Unfold Your Way

What a whirlwind week! Centrino 2 was launched, second quarter closed and on Friday Intel celebrated its 40th birthday. Something new sprinkled with a look back at achievements from the recent and distant past.

Whenever we’re asked to embrace something new, it’s rarely good to blindly accept things without exploring the change as an opportunity for improvement. You take the opportunity to look back and carry forward the best stories and achievements. It’s like taking those ingredients mixed with a dash of where you want to go…and baking the future.

We’re not very good at predicting the future,” said Intel Chairman Craig Barrett this week.

But we can see practical possibilities and that inspire us “create the future,” as Intel Mooly Eden says in this video shot on Monday at the Intel Centrino 2 event. In many ways, Centrino 2 is a dream come true for Mooly because he’s been instrumental in creating energy efficient, higher performing mobile technology with built in Wi-Fi that became the original Intel Centrino Mobile Technology first introduced in 2003. Now having a laptop with wireless Internet access and long batter life is what many of us can’t live without.

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Creating the future is the main theme of every Intel Developer Forum. August 19-21 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center is the time and place to see the best collection of new Centrino 2 laptops, new WiMAX news and demonstrations and other fresh mobility creations like netbooks, mobile Internet devices.

This will be my eighth year attending IDF in San Francisco. For me it’s one of the best place to see world class collaboration. It’s where I get to see how creativity, created years in advance, gets stamped into silicon, tuned with software and fitted for device makers so they can make new gadgets that capture our imagination before becoming a common part of our every day lives.

Now we have a new team blog devoted to IDF, so…share your technology wishes and help IDF unfold into the future your way. Here’s a collection of IDF videos on YouTube from the past few years…that might help trigger some thoughts.

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  1. Thanks, Ken. I have also many hopes on a joint development together with Microsoft to make a *business mobile device like a notebook for everyone now.
    IDF in SF. Too far from Western Siberia, Surgut, really. But I promise to be in US this or next year.
    Best regards,