Second Life on the Go, Pulling Up the Horizon Through Intel Research

Today I got a sneak peak as Intel scientists from across the Intel set up their projects for Research@Intel Day, held at the Computer History Museum on June 11. The eye catcher for me? The robotic hands.

New Robit Hand -- Research@Intel Day 2008

There’s a spacious lounge with white coaches and iPod equipped sphere seating where people were catching up with work before getting back their projects.

Upload Lounge -- Research@Intel Day 2008

Every year, this is the science fair for Intel employees. We get to see a round up of top projects that are “pulling up the horizon of our future.” That’s a line that hit me, looking back on the past five Research@Intel Day events I’ve seen. And pulling up the future through collaboration is what I heard from software developer wise man Aaron Tersteeg as he set up his team’s project. What if you could collaborate with Intel and realize your own return on Intel’s investment in innovation?

Aaron Tersteeg -- Research@Intel Day 2008

Our Research maven Magen Langer shared what she’s most looking forward to — health care, “green” technology research, new uses for mobile technologies, robotics and seeing people share how they’d use MashMaker. I believe this is an event that sends everyone elevating beyond limits of their own imagination…because seeing is not only believing, seeing is a springboard to a new reality. That was another theme I picked up on today from some of the researchers. They are passionate about their projects because they are real, not a smart collection of written words.

Science -- Research@Intel Day 2008

In the Carry Small, Live Large section there are several projects focusing on new uses for ultra mobile Internet devices. Here’s where researchers are showing how Intel Atom technology powered wireless Internet gadgets can really let you dive into the 3-D world of Second Life. Maybe not an optimal experience yet, but check out this video I shot today and share your thoughts on what’s next.

2 thoughts on “Second Life on the Go, Pulling Up the Horizon Through Intel Research

  1. Oho! I’m super excited. Thanks Ken for whetting my appetite.
    I can’t wait for you to post on just what those robotic hands do; just exactly how it’s possible to get graphical computation heavy apps like SL on my mobile device (Lenovo or even iPhone[?!]); what super neat creative uses for the Mashmaker people have come up with; and what visioneer Aaron Tersteeg has been thinking of.
    Thanks Ken!
    Next best thing to being there, is having your great coverage.
    Keep it coming. 🙂

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