Computex: The Who and How Inside Expanding the Internet

Taipei will par-tay this week as tech change agents flock to Computex, one of the largest computer exhibition in the world, second only to CeBIT in Germany.


Among the 135,000 estimated attendees will be fists pumping in the air from many of my Intel pals, especially the spirited Sean Maloney. Maloney is one of those daring types who can pull out “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas and surprises with the greatest of ease. He likes to talk about trends, especially ones I think Intel can help improve…like easing the challenges of creating, storing and sharing high-definition video on PCs.

He also likes to point out that as demand for mobile computing keeps rising ever higher, developers and device makers could be working together with Intel to harness a variety of advancements in microprocessors, software, wireless, digital media…

Collaboration might entail more work, but I believe it’s key to meeting desires of consumers and businesses more quickly and effectively. I see it as teaming up and leveraging ROIIII – Return on Intel’s Investment In Innovation.

I’ll be watching Computex from California with a eye on:

What new technologies are expanding the reach of the Internet. There’s the WiMAX Expo happening around Computex — here’s a Wiki News item exploring the role of WiMAX at Computex. And I’m seeing more an more buzz about the role new low cost Internet devices like netbooks and nettops. New Netbooks and Mobile Internet Devices are the eye candy I’m watching for!

HD Video seems to be everywhere, but how will digital TVs, computers, laptops and wireless Internet devices handle and play back those big, fat, beautiful files? The New York Times’ John Markoff wrote about Intel’s HD video efforts last November. Our Intel Software Network team has been working hard on HD Video Playback Power Consumption Analysis.

What are the most meaningful trends you think will rise from Computex? Maybe the increasing impact of Individuals – not households or businesses – driving growth and new uses for technology?

If you’re planning to be at the show, let me know and I’ll try connecting you with some friends and fun on the scene. Here’s place to find event tips, news and information on Intel technologies at the Computex.

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  1. Very interesting post. I hadn’t known about tech change agents “flocking” to Computex. I wonder what they will come up with?

  2. Thanks for the post!I’m pumped up to listen to the replay of the keynotes.

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