VIDEO: Show Me The New Reality

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Typically, an Intel Developer Forum keynote is JAM packed with information. Sometimes too much information, but just grabbing what’s meaningful sends your mind whizzing ahead. The demos put words into action. They’re the show part of the show.

I went WOW! watching the “software unlocks the power of hardware” digital camera demo by Dr. Ren Ng, president and CEO of Refocus Imaging. His camera records the full light field then by “turning camera hardware into software” you can change the auto focus of a snapshot so that one, a few or all of the objects in a photo can be focal points!

Of course, many of us inside Intel love hearing: this can “bring the economics and power of Moore’s Law to the camera system.” See for yourself in the video and check out photos touched by the technology.

Other demos you’ll see in the video:

New netbook and mobile Internet Device (MID) designs

Dr. Mendel Rosenblum, co-founder and chief scientist at VMware demonstrates a flex migration across four generations of hardware

Classmate PC — the new, second generation featuring a 9-inch LCD screen, 6-cell battery, 512MB memory, a 30GB hard disk drive and a built-in webcam

Tukwila Itanium processor built with two billion transistors

* Montevina — the next generation mobile platform that’s aiming to provide twice the 3D processing power of integrated solutions for laptops available today.

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