VIDEO: Levitating Sights & Sounds from IDF Shanghai

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Severed soundbites, chaos and colors of the host city’s culture, bustling streets, people enthralled and eager to grab hold of the day, then carry the best parts into tomorrow. We just keep zooming ahead to our next reality.

For me, this Intel Developer Forum sights and sounds video strikes a deeper heart string and awakens a sense of connectedness.

This is a springboard story that levitates seconds of the day and lets our imagination leap through them in slow motion. A few seemingly familiar flashes crack open my mind’s eye and trigger spontaneous “that’s it!” reactions.

These are the parts that lit me up:

Intel making us monkey kings — Pat Gelsinger’s analogy of an Intel chip being like the folkloric golden stick, empowering us to be big, small or do almost anything at all

The architecture for life — an chip is the genius that can help connect us to meaningful things in our lives

Unleashing the Internet and putting it in your pocket — well, now we can run with that!

If you like the sights and sounds stories as much as I do, then please

let me know how this one hits you

share a springboard story of your own

check out last year’s sights and sounds video from IDF 2007 in Bejing

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