SSG Software & Solutions Group –> Day 1 and Things Are Going Well!

So here we are nearing the end … of day 1. Busy doesn’t describe how active the software area was in the Century Hall. Ok, one of the most popular entries was the real-time gaming but the rest of the pavillion was incredibly busy as well.

SSG is also hosting 3 hands-on labs today focused on Virtualization (overview and hands-on) AND a Software Tools lab. All three are standing-room-only indicating how popular these topics are.

Yeah I know the rooms are hot but there’s little we can do beside turn on the AC and open the doors. Aside from that the content seems to be right on track and many attendees satisfied with their learnings.

PS: Don’t forget to pick up the SSG T-shirt and CD. Lot’s of great content on from each software division can be found there as well as on-line at: