MIDS Photo Shoot

Back home from Shanghai with Bronchitis and feeling pretty bad but I did want to share some low-res photos of the new mobile Internet devices we photographed while in Shanghai. As my colleague, Josh Bancroft, pointed out in his blog, “Bonus Video: My First Hands-On with a MID (Mobile Internet Device)”, access to these devices is limited. So we had to schedule our professional shoot between IDF sessions from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. Next step is to do some post-production work, add screen shots and we will be ready for the launch of products in Q2 and Q3.

I really liked how the devices felt in my hand. Screen size was perfect. They weren’t too heavy and could be easily carried in a pocket or in my case, a purse. I am looking forward to learning more about specific applications to be offered on each product. I understand that all will be centered around offering full internet access but they will be differentiated by the unique applications they offer like GPS or special entertainment services. And I did confirm that lost taxi cabs can be avoided with one of these devices at your side. I hope to have one before my next major trip.


clarionred.jpgClarion Red

Clarion WhiteClarion White

clarionblack.jpgClarion Black

gigabyte.jpgGigabit with sliding keyboard


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