Centrino Atom awaits its unveiling

As we prep for day 1 at IDF, the buzz is palpable. Of course, just being in Shanghai on the banks of the Yellow river is buzz enough. But when you walk around and see all the posters, companies and VIPs beginning to pour in, you know something is in the works.

I also got my hands on Lenovo’s promotional video on their new U8 product. Most of us have seen it, but rumor has it that the software has a significant update since we saw it last.

2 thoughts on “Centrino Atom awaits its unveiling

  1. Haven’t we already tried lots of slate devices , and didn’t the market basically say resoundingly “we’re not interested in slates” ? We need keyboards guys, keyboards. Look at the Psion 5 and the HP devices that got the human interface right 10 years ago – they both had productive minature keyboards

  2. We just had an acer OLPC powered on Atom processor. Its amazing..i would say its the right device for the sales guy on the field..
    Im looking forward to more such options coming up in near future.

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