VIDEO Intel@Cinequest — Cusp of a Whole New Industry

That’s Intel’s head of marketing Don MacDonald speaking on a panel at the Cinequest Film Festival on February 29 — Leap Day! He took an engaged crowd on a flying leap when he said: “We’re all on the cusp of a whole new industry.” Sure radio was big and TV changed our lives, but today we’re seeing the confluence of ever better computing power, high quality media gone digital and the availability to send and receive feature movies through the Internet. These are having a keen impact on what’s happening between what movie makers do and how we all are getting the movies we want to see.

Halfdan Hussey, Co-Founder & Director Cinequest shared this with me:

The convergence of Internet with Television and the Home Entertainment environment offers the most potential for the Maverick film artist to date — still, regardless of democratizing film distribution, marketing will remain the most important component in building audiences and opens new challenges for today’s artists and distributors…. Solid state filmmaking — as seen in the Panasonic P2 forum at Cinequest — brings the latest and greatest opportunities to filmmakers of all budget ranges. It’s interesting that to date what we’ve called all-digital filmmaking still required tapes with moving components to capture the 1’s and 0’s.

The crowd who came to the for the Always On sponsored conversation called “A Conclave of Maverick Minds Present the “New” TV” had more on their minds than movies. They were curious about new business opportunities, how they could distribute their films online and what new services and gadgets might be coming down the pike.

Were you among the many bloggers like NewTeeVee who came to Cinequest? What was your stand-out story? What insights on technology did you found fascinating?

People like my Intel pal Mike Gendimenico to came Cinequest for the panel insights and to meet the stars. Below are some “from the scene” photos he shot — and here are more: