Pat Gelsinger & the World’s Greatest Geekfest

Milliwatts to petaflops. May sound silly to some, but it has a more sobering ring when spoken and shown among friends attending an Intel Developer Forum. It’s a theme for what’s coming, but it’s also a spirit that’s been driving fervently for 40 years: Taking Intel architecture where it’s never been before — smaller, faster, more energy efficient — and helping computer, device and software makers create better, more meaningful products for business, governments and our own lives.

In this audio Podcast, Intel Senior Vice President and Digital Enterprise Group co-GM Pat Gelsinger calls the Intel Developer Forum “the ultimate geekfest.” It’s where he sees tech experts getting together to invent a new reality. He’s keen on two key topics at IDF Shanghai:

Milliwatts — Tiny mobile devices bringing rich media Internet experiences through a milliwatt-powered Intel processor…carry small, live large

Petaflops — building the first high performance computers able to churn our petaflops of performance to solve previously unsolvable problems

Pat also talks about reactions to forthcoming six-core processors, advancements in visual computing, and the role software will play at IDF in Shanghai. He sees “no end in sight” as there’s an “insatiable demand for computing.”

What’s the challenge ahead? Visual computing. If more of your brain is dedicated to visual processing, what does that mean for computer chips in a world racing towards visually richer Internet experiences?

If you’ve been following IDF for a while like I have, you might get a kick out of hearing Pat reflect on past events. He helped start it and has been a father figure ever since. It’s an event that has built in momentum and where game changing, standard’s based technologies like USB get introduced. And who could forget Gordon Moore spending the day at IDF 2007 in San Francisco?

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