Panic! At The Cube

It had been one of those days where lots of little things just went wrong. To top it off, I lost my notebook in a rush to pick up one of my kids and get them to a doctors appointment. I clearly remember undocking it and putting it in my bag, but after that it was a blur. When I arrived to pick up my son for his doctors appt I notice I didn’t have my laptop bag. I searched the minivan and it was nowhere. I pulled out my trusty Blackberry and frantically e-mailed and called my colleagues who sit near me to see if they could check to see if I had left it in my cube. In eight years of having a laptop I have not left it at work before. I had horrible visions that perhaps when loading the minivan I left it in the parking lot and cars were running over it. Panicked questions filled my brain, when was the last time I backed up my data? What would I tell my boss? How long would it take to get a replacement? How would I work that night without it? Did IT read my earlier blog entry that I wanted a different model? Would they hold that against me? Of course all my colleagues were all in meetings. I debated if I should cancel the doctors appointment or just leave my son there (he’s 12) while I drove back to the office, but it was rush hour and would take a long time. One of my colleagues e-mailed from her meeting and said she would check in 20 minutes. After a long 20 minutes, she confirmed that my laptop was in it’s bag sitting in my cube. She secured it for the night and it was ready for action the next morning.

How about you? Ever lose your laptop? What did you do?

4 thoughts on “Panic! At The Cube

  1. I have had such an experience once. Dropped into a supermarket after work with my laptop bad slung across my shoulder. While in the store I put my bad into the shopping cart. After loading the groceries into the car I left the cart in the lot with the bag in it. Realized it after dinner and rushed back to the store. Some nice person had found the bag and handed it in at the store.

  2. Ouch! That is scary. Last week while at the Intel Developer Forum I learned about a new technology to help in cases of loss or theft. It’s called Intel Anti-Theft Technology and will help recover lost or stolen laptops and will protect the data on notebook. It won’t be available until later this year and a number of companies are collaborating with Intel, but I’m glad it’s on the horizon in case I misplace (again) or have my laptop stolen.

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