Intel on Ars Technica? Intel takes our talk to where the techs are

Visual Computing, virtualization, & vPro…oh my!

In this new era of connectivity and conversation, Intel is excited to announce our collaboration with Ars Technica on an Intel sponsored forum. What does that mean? The long and short of it is that we are bringing Intel technology experts, industry experts, and the Ars Technica community together for a frank discussion on subjects that relate either specifically or tangentially to Intel technology.

Joined by Ars moderators like Jon Stokes in addition to well known technologists like Matt Papakipos of Google and Steven Woo of Rambus, this dialogue should be no less engaging than the other delicious debates and discourse for which the other Ars forums are known.

The juicy topic out of the gate? Stream and visual computing followed by discussions on server, virtualization, and manageability and security. So don’t be shy; join the conversation and have your questions answered by the real engineers and technologists responsible for bringing you innovative and ingenious Intel technology.