Happy 5th Anniversary Centrino!

First of all I must say that I don’t even feel like I’m worthy enough to blog about this important anniversary. There are so many engineers, marketing folks and executives that have put their blood sweat and tears into this product line who could give you historical and technical perspectives that I can’t.

But what I can say is how it affects me and how it impacts my life.

As a working parent, my notebook is my single most important tool I have. I spend more hours with my notebook then with my husband (sometimes he’s not happy about that). If I had to choose between my car and my notebook, I’d choose the notebook. It gives me the flexible options I need to be successful professionally and personally. I can do my job from anywhere. I can connect with my friends and family while I’m on the road.

I can’t imagine going back and being chained to a desk, not being able to work from home, the airport, Starbucks or wherever I need to be.

How has Centrino affected your life?

1 thought on “Happy 5th Anniversary Centrino!

  1. Congratulations on the announcement of the new long distance WiFi. I suggest that you test it in the US before India, etc. Many, many parts of Vermont have no broadband service of any kind and no mobile phone access. The current telco business models and technologies offer Vermonters little or no hope. If one or several of your wireless technologies can work in our terraine and the business model can work with our lack of population density, it can work anywhere. Vermont will help pay for the towers, help with the regulatory process, provide access to all State lands, and offers the support of the Governor, Lt. Governor, Legislature and Wash DC delegation. I am the chair of the Vermont Telecommunications Authority and would like to speak about Vermont being your testbed. Mary

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