An Atom a day

SxSW Interactive in Austin TX has been a fantastic show. It’s a show where mobile Twittering is the norm and intimate enough to meet/greet experts and a few legends.

This prototype MID I’m blogging on has been a bit of a buggy challenge. The Linux browser likes to crash in MovableType (or it doesn’t like the secure https is my guess… so I’m typing quickly). My strategy is to caffeinate and blog simultaneously for the nimblest mobile blogging possible.


The photo (or breakfast?? taken w/ the MID) is of an Intel Atom processor (middle) next to the silicon core of an Intel Core 2 Duo… The Atom’s silicon is within the small metallic center… so quite a bit smaller. But these very typed words are coming to you via my Atom-based MID.

Even though it’s a prototype, this new device is light-years ahead of my UMPC I got last summer. The slide out keyboard is a much better design than the “on the side” split design… but maybe that’s just me. Looking forward to the production version coming this summer.

Quick shout out to Lionel Menchaca, Dell’s blogfather, and to Shashi Bellamkonda who get’s my vote as the most original job title… Network Solutions’ “Social Media Swami”.

3 thoughts on “An Atom a day

  1. Dude, I need to run into you sometime and check that thing out.
    Are you on Twitter? I haven’t heard hide nor hair from you until this blog post. 😉

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