2 is Better Than 1

Or at least this will be the case for Intel Centrino 2 processor technology. The next Centrino platform formerly codenamed “Montevina.” The “2” lets you know that its Intel’s latest and greatest mobile laptop offering.



It will feature unprecedented processor performance for faster multitasking, high-bandwidth Wi-Fi  (802.11agn) and for the first time, an optional integrated WiMAX/Wi-Fi module. Centrino 2 also has power-saving design to provide the longest possible battery life.

Centrino 2 is scheduled to debut in Q2 2008.

One Response to 2 is Better Than 1

  1. Jeremiah says:

    Sounds nice. I hope intel uses this chipset to build mini-itx systems. The CPUs are fast enough for me to build a small rack that runs fanless. Anything more than 10watts is pointless for my needs – hopefully a whole system could idle