Why My Laptop is Fat and Not Phat

I was really happy with my new Lenovo T61. . . until today. Alas, now I have laptop envy. My notebook computer looks fat and bulky when compared to the amazingly sleek Lenovo X300 announced today.


Lenovo collaborated with Intel to shrink the component size more than 50%! Here’s a visual comparison on the size of the standard Intel Core 2 Duo processor and the new smaller version for the X300. The smaller version is still fully loaded and is even more energy efficient.

Not to geek out on you, but for those interested here are the exact specs for the Intel Core 2 Duo S7100. It clocks in at 1.2GHz with 4MB cache and Front Side Bus of 800MHz. It’s a low voltage processor with a TDP of 12 Watts.

Now, who do I have to bribe in IT to get me one of those Lenovo X300s?

5 thoughts on “Why My Laptop is Fat and Not Phat

  1. This is the same shrunken Core 2 Duo that’s in the MacBook Air, right? So did Intel collaborate with both Lenovo AND Apple on it, or is one of them getting the benefit of Intel’s collaboration with the other? 😉
    I guess it doesn’t really matter. It’s an amazing chip, regardless. Too bad it’s not 45nm, though, but I guess you can’t have everything. And that’s why we’re all waiting for Silverthorne! 🙂

  2. Hey Sal! Nice to hear from you. My T61 is a great machine. I feel guilty for even looking at those sleeker systems.

  3. how comes that google can’t find any information on that CPU ?! (site:intel.com S7100) or SL7100 or L7100
    NB. even on the web there’s is no technical paper about that processor, no benchmark, nothing ?
    I’d really like to know is it suitable for a developper ?
    and about the whole laptop, is it linux friendly ?

  4. I suppose if they weren’t over 2 times the price of the T61 IT would probably be all over it.
    If you run in and out of meetings all the time I suppose you could use the SSD as an argument to save time as you don’t need to worry sleep/hibernate when moving around.

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