What I did not see at the Congress

Apple’s iPhone. I walked around, looking for anything iPhone related, but found nothing on the booths (well, there were some people walking around with them of course). I thought I was looking in all the wrong places, but apparently I’m not alone: Techbeat has been covering press conferences, and reported the same: no mention on the iPhone. Having said that, I have been playing with some other new phones I saw at the show, but none really struck me as “the” phone I would really like to have in terms of useability.

On that note, I did go over to SonyEricsson to try and play with their Xperia X1 (their first Windows Mobile smartphone), but it was too busy and the demo guy was surrounded by people firing questions at him. For now, I am going to have to leave you with Brighthand’s review on it. There was also no toying around with and Android device for me (yet). I am still looking for an android phone that someone wants to let me touch. Anyone have any pointers where to find them? According to PC World Texas Instruments has a decent Android device on display.

3 thoughts on “What I did not see at the Congress

  1. I didn’t make it to the stand anymore, so I’ll have to take your word for it. You did see that the vodafone CEO mentioned them also? A lot has been said about apple waking up the operators about decent user interfaces. Did anyone get a good look at the Sony Xperia X1 btw? The guy demo’ing it for me at the Sony Ericsson stand didn’t let me touch it. 😉

  2. iPhones were in the Telefonica booth because O2 is Apple’s mobile operator in the UK. And O2 is a Telefonica subsidiary.
    I agree there didn’t appear to be any new phone industrial design innovations.

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