PC Game Alliance Rallies Friends & Rivals @ GDC, Taking PC Gaming to New Heights

Intel’s PC gaming guru Randy Stude stepped up to help organize the PC Gaming Alliance. At this week’s lively Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, Stude led the alliance’s first press conference announcing the coming together of major hardware and software creators to PC gaming.

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Here’s how PC Games Junction described the announcement:

It was made official that the rumored PC Gaming Alliance has finally been formed. The group of PCGA founding members includes industry giants: Acer, Activision, Alienware, AMD, Dell, Epic, Gateway, Intel, Microsoft, and Nvidia. This group has been formed to come up with solutions for the growing issues facing the PC gaming industry due to the constant question of “Is PC Gaming Dying?”.

Here’s a snippet from a story by Tor Thorsen of ZDNet’s GameSpot:

“This collaboration will provide developers and publishers with a champion for consistent demographics, hardware adoption, and revenue measurement and reporting,” DFC Intelligence David Cole said in a statement. “An authoritative source of information on the PC as a gaming platform will serve as an invaluable catalyst for growing the market and improving the consumers’ PC gaming experience.”

And this from by Philip Kollar on the PC Magazine site:

According to Stude’s presentation, the PCGA has numerous goals, chief among them being the education of consumers and gamers about PC games. Stude said he wants to fight the misconception that PC gaming is dying when, in fact, some studies point to “massive growth” in this sector of the gaming industry. Specifically, Stude cited a report by DFC Intelligence stating that PC gaming grew 12 percent in profit last year with an estimated forecast of 14 percent growth in 2008. Stude said 263 million gamers currently play titles online with their PCs.

From GamePro.com:

“We are stronger and more effective together than any member company is alone, and our shared vision and group effort will improve PC gaming worldwide,” said Intel’s Randy Stude, the group’s founding board member.

See some slides from the presentation in this TG Daily report.