Let’s not forget Intel and the WiMAX chopper

Big Tyre

Did I mention that Intel was also at the Mobile World Congress? We are showing a number of devices there, focused on WiMAX of course, but also some nice demo’s of Mobile Internet devices, ultramobile devices, and telco demo’s like our IMS solution.

Luckily the people over at JKK have already listed our interesting MID news at the show, talking about Menlow, T-Mobile and our ecosystem development. The article is here.

And of course, let’s not forget one of the most popular attention grabbers at the show, the WiMAX chopper. Too bad we are not allowed to drive it: 250 horsepower, centrally managed by a rugged pc that doubles as display, is linked to the WiMAX network, and that you can take along when parking your bike.