Intel’s smallest announcement ever

Turns out my cube neighbor CAN keep a secret. A big one in fact! She knows the new brand name for Intel’s smallest processor ever. But she’s not talking. Soon, on March 3, the guarded brand name will be revealed. Still I’m curious…. what will we call our smallest processor – the one that will bring an awesome Internet experience to small, mobile devices? Any brilliant guesses?

Watch the countdown to the moment when the name is revealed and check back here. We’ll cover what the new brand means for you and other mobility topics that you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

20 Responses to Intel’s smallest announcement ever

  1. icurafu says:

    Bob – This is not Centaur’s. It’s the Silverthorne by Intel. I understand that the Centaur CPU will be released for Desktops and Laptops at first. This is a UMPC and MID CPU.

  2. Don says:

    something with a nice seight and not generating associations with multicore technology that much- Cape xxx, Hamptons, something like that. Nothing hot or tropical, somthing hat says: nothern california,married, spiritually fullfilled but serious and not a protected nor reserved trademark- if i was in the mood i´d go to google- map.
    As it was announced that it would be a step as important as the P1´s release i expect something special, not just santa rosa or northwood.
    Manhattan would be nice if not reserved in many ways, maybe bear lake or shady grove or something edaquate, “Bear Lake” or las vegas ?
    Anyways, if it does not sound like one of the standard desktop wallpaper pics could have been taken there it is a cold bet.
    just one day more and we will know.

  3. Mike Masnick says:

    In lieu with Intel’s very creative current naming scheme, it’d probably be something like Intel Core M- obviously standing for Mobile. Duh -_-.
    Of course, I might be completely off, and they decided to go with the Core 2 Tweeny.

  4. Jerome says:

    Probably Intel Core M- for Mobile of course, considering Intel’s current very creative name scheme.
    Or perhaps, I might be entirely wrong and it’s simply Intel Core 2 Tweeny. Beware!