Heading to Barcelona – Mobile World Congress

I’m heading to Barcelona, Spain in support of Intel’s presence at Mobile World Congress 2008. This is going to be a huge show for WiMAX and we’ve got some several cool activities planned.


Intel is working with Motorola and Clearwire to set up a WiMAX network over a portion of the city, and one of our activities will involve Segway!These two-wheeled vehicles will have a WiMAX enabled laptop mounted on them, and will offer local information, route guidance and any other internet related activity you care to do. Additionally, they will have a camera mounted on them, streaming live video back to our main booth at the show. Though these will be driven around the area (under the WiMAX cloud) by professional drivers, we will arrange for a select number of folks to be trained and give ‘em a spin also.

I’ll post a video once I get there and see them in action.

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