How Does Intel Technology Bring Out the Genius in You?

Genius is tenacious and inside each of us, shaping our character and driving us to create new possibilities. Add to that the wisdom of crowds and you have the story about how this went from being an employee video to national TV ad for Intel in the past month.

Originally the simple story was created to inspire Intel sales and marketing pros from around the world. After the video was shared with all employees, people responded in droves, demanding that these videos be shared with family, friends and…well, everyone. This video struck a chord. Employees were inspired by the video, and many said it captured the essence of how Intel technology helps so many people use their skills to do great things. That’s the “magic” of having Intel inside.

The TV ad is called “Touch of Genius” and features ordinary people, not actors. This is probably the first time these people ever held an Intel microprocessor. Looking at the tiny sliver of silicon, it hits them: this is the engine that helps me do the things I love in life. There’s a blogger, a movie maker and a one-man band. The ad’s tagline is “Everything genius you do on your computer starts with Intel inside.”

I have my own unscientific measure for when something hits me: a chill-thrill runs from head to toe, leaving me covered in goosebumps. That’s what happened when I saw the movie maker vignette.

My Intel pal Beth Lubov Butrymowicz worked on this project, so I asked how the individual stories hit her:

…it gets me to slow down and think about the technology that has become a part of our everyday lives. I love seeing people’s reactions to something that is so smart and beautiful and realizing it’s what lets them do all the things that make them, them. And yes, these are all real people who really do the things they are talking about. None of this is scripted.

My favorite one is the movie maker. He really taps into something that I think resonates with the artist in me…The way we express our artistic vision has drastically changed over the last few decades and so much of that is due to the computer.

Between February and May, maybe you’ll be one of the estimated 60 million U.S. viewers who will see this on TV during “Meet the Press with Tim Russert” (NBC),”This Week with George Stephanopoulos” (ABC), CNBC and BloombergTV.

The actual TV ad is the video at the top. Here are a few additional vignettes. Please let us know how they hit you, and how Intel technology ignites the genius inside you.